Our Services

Technical services

1- raw material

2- presses&heat treatment
3- Anodizing line
4- powder Coating line
5- Die productions
6- Correction shop
7- Store& Packaging
8- Aluminium Profiles


 The company established an excellent technical office for supporting its clients in the following aspects:
- Selecting the deficiencies in the profile configuration.
- Choosing the quality standard.
- Identifying the micron layer.
- Identifying the hardness level needed for the application.

 This excellent Team can also support our clients in any after sales problem.



 Quality standards

1. The company applies the German quality standard DIN 1748 for its typical production however the company can produce according to the German DIN 17615 if needed.

2. the micron layer for the typical anodized production is 12 – 15 microns and 50 – 70 microns for the electrostatic powder coating however the company can produce any micron layer according to the customer’s needs.

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