Anodizing plant of the loop type: 
• The plant has been engineered and designed according to the latest technologies known in the field.

• The plant capacity is 9500 Amps. The production processes are automatically controlled by computerized devices which finally lead to the stability of the production quality of the anodizing and electro – coloring processes. The plant comprises 37 process tanks and considered one of the most advanced anodizing lines throughout the whole world.

• The chemicals used in this line are all supplied by one of the most famous German firms (ALU – FINISH).

- Electro – static powder coating line – It is considered as one of the most modern lines all over the world as well as the anodizing line as it is equipped with the most modern American equipment, designed and established by OXALTEC USA INC. The produced colors are correspondent to the international code (RAL) and the used powder is supplied by the most famous German companies. It is expected that the powder coating line will start production at the end of 1997 

Surface Treatments

-          An American Oxidizing horizontal line for coloring with electrical capacity of 91000 Amp from oxaltec company  U. S. A.

-          Horizontal Electrostatic powder coating line

-          Chemical lab. To support and maintain the chemical preparations

Color range:-

- The company production could be in one of the following colors.

1. The natural aluminum color MF.
2. Anodized Prod:
3. Clear.
4. Gold.
5. Bronze range (Light – Dark – Brown – Black).
6. Electro – static powder coating 
7. All colors are in accordance with the (RAL) code.
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