Raw Material

Aluminium oxide (alumina) is extracted from bauxite in a refinery. Alumina is then used to produce ...

Die productions

Design office to design dies according to DIN 1748 to maintain production parameters  ...

Presses & Heat Treatment


Production line composed of 4 presses , Handling and Heating equipments  from GRANCO CLARK U S A ... 

Correction Shop


Whether your project requires an audit ,technical support, training,troubleshooting,Highly qualified technicians ...

Anodizing Plant

An American Oxidizing horizontal line for coloring with electrical capacity of 91000 Amp from Oxaltec ...

Store & Packaging

Ideal packaging should be light, solid, unbreakable, non-toxic and, certainly, recyclable ...

Powder Coating line

Horizontal Electrostatic powder coating line. Chemical lab. to support and maintain the chemical preparations...

Aluminium Profiles

With our broad selection of accessories available, applications can be extended beyond simple frames ...


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About Us

EIPAL founded in 1995 to produce aluminum profiles, production was started in January 1997 and we have over 600 employees.

Our factory located in industrial zone (6th October City) with total area 50000 square meter,our production rate about 1200 tons/month

We have four presses with variable dimensions , anodizing line , die factory, paint lines. We are an egyptian company cooperated with banks and Egyptian societies.


Our Location

3rd Industrial Zone, Plot 258 / 259, 6th Of October City, Giza, Egypt.



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